Starting your hair journey

Starting a hair journey can be overwhelming but I am here to guide you through the process.  To help you as a beginner, I have condensed the process into three steps.  Consider this the short version of a more detailed list of steps.  I will provide more details for each step in future blogs.

Step 1

Determine the current state of your hair
First things first.  The first step in starting your hair journey is to determine the current state of your hair.  Doing this will require a full examination of your hair from root to tip. 

  • Start with your scalp:  Is your scalp dry, flaky, oily, etc?
  • Exam the hair shaft:  Moving from the root, exam the length of your hair.  Is your hair dry?  Does it feel limp?
  • Exam the ends:  Finishing with the ends, exam the ends of your hair.  Do you have split ends?  Does your ends feel dry?

Once you determine the current state of your hair, write it down and make this your starting point.

For those seeking a more advanced level of examination, you can test the health of your hair using the porosity test, elasticity test and the density test.  I will discuss this in future blogs.

Step 2

Determine what your hair needs and your hair goals
Now that you have determined your starting point, determine what your hair needs.  This will vary from person to person.  If your hair is dry, you will need to add more moisture.  If you have split ends, you will need to start with a good trim. 

Once you have determined your hair needs, list your hair goals.  Are you looking to retain length? Do you want to gain length? Do you want to have full ends?

Writing down your goals not only serves as a reference point but it will serve as motivation to you and help you to remain consistent.

Step 3

Adopt a hair regimen that works for you and be consistent
Creating a hair regimen from scratch will take some time, patience and a little trial and error.  Your hair needs and goals will serve as the foundation for your regimen.  If you have dry hair, you may need to deep condition twice a week.  If your schedule does not permit this, then try deep conditioning once a week in addition to moisturizing your hair on a daily basis.  Hair regimens will vary from person to person so please do what works for you and your schedule.  

As you construct your hair regimen, remember to purchase only what's needed, protect your ends as they are the oldest part of your hair and try to maintain a clean scalp as hair cannot grow when hair follicles are clogged.

As I mentioned, although condensed, these are the general steps to starting your hair journey.  I will provide greater detail on each step, and more, in future blogs.  Feel free to ask me questions until then.  I'm always happy to help! :)