Hi there!  Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm Angie, a healthy hair enthusiast and lover of all things hair- related.

This blog was created to answer the numerous questions that I receive from family, friends and other hair enthusiasts about proper hair care maintenance.  My hope is that I can motivate you to start and maintain your healthy hair journey and have fun along the way!

Here's my hair story.


October 2009 - When it all started!

I started my healthy hair journey in October 2009 at neck length (from a bad, no horrible experience, with a hair stylist. I asked for a bob and she started to cut...and cut....and cut...until all of my tears ( I mean hair) were on the floor.

hair journey.jpg

Bouncing Back

Like a trooper, I bounced back rather quickly and started to hunt for various ways to grow my hair back.  I've documented my journey offline (in an actual journal) since then.  I have tried numerous times to bring my hair journey online, but all were epic fails.  Trying to find a brand identity, and inserting my goals and ideas into a very saturated market was extremely difficult (and I have the stories to prove it lol).  It's been a very interesting journey, needless to say, and I have poured my creative ideas into other projects so that's a win-win for me!

So, why am I back, you ask?  Great question lol! I'm trying to find a happy medium and do both - continue my hair journey offline and create one platform where I can answer all hair-related questions at one time.....AND, because I have been falling short and have not been taking good care of my hair!  I know, I know...but that's why I'm here, to be held accountable and to help others as I continue my journey!

I invite you to join me on this journey!

Angie :)

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November 2016           July 2017

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